Girl in The City

I have a major case of Spring fever.  The major star is the sun today its presence is making everything it touches more vibrant and warm, the temps made it to the mid-70’s! It’s these days that make me feel happy to be alive and living in such a beautiful city.  It began this morning when I stepped out the door it was warm and my neighbors flowers ushered me into my day.  This afternoon, I decided to take a break and while I was only away from my desk for a half hour, it was glorious.  The trees are in bloom and while wandering around eating my soft serve I discovered a new outdoor beer garden, Fort Point Beer Co.  San Francisco was a great date today and it is safe today I am crushing hard.   Happy St. Patrick’s day all I am off to spend happy hour at the Fort Point beer garden.  IMG_9654IMG_9655IMG_9657IMG_9662IMG_9665


Today’s Thoughts

“Ocean: A body of water occupying about two-thirds of a world made for man – who has no gills.”- Bierce Ambrose anchor

Sunday Summary

Not a very eventful weekend, the rain pretty much dampened our motivation to do much except watch movies, binge watch The Man in the High Castle, eat and, my least favorite weekend activity, work.

That said, The Big Short was simply great, the subject was wonderfully balanced with the right amount of levity and seriousness.  I am not ashamed to admit that  I got pretty emotional being transported back to that time when I was young residential interior designer living on her own in Southern California.  Those couple of years were very tenuous, but I digress. We have been meaning to begin watching The Man in the High Castle for months, I am so glad we waited because at least we still have some episodes left now rather than being done and waiting for more.    Have you watched it?  What did/do you think?

I hope you all have a great week ahead!  Stay dry!rainy day


Thank Goodness it’s Florals.   It is lovely to stare out the window at the gloomy rain and have this bunch of flowers in the corner of my view.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Red anemone

Morning musings

🎶🎶 It’s raining; it’s pouring.The old man is snoring. He went to bed and bumped his head, And he wouldn’t get up in the morning 🎶🎶

It is. A lot. Except for the part with the old man snoring, bumping his head and then not getting up. This post is really about all the rain SF is getting and not about injuring old men. And maybe a smidge about me not wanting to get up in the morning. To all the old men who may have bumped their heads last night I pray you are not concussed. Lastly, thank you El Niño.

Thirsty Thursday 

Last night I went with the work family to an industry shindig at the always fabulous Phoenix Hotel.  It was a beautiful night for a poolside party and we came thirsty. Delicious drinks and a great array of heavy savory appetizers made way for the candy table filled with goodies from my childhood.  So I grabbed a drink and hefty stash of ring pops, pixie sticks, candy cigarette and pop rocks and wander outside only to find a human sized Jenga and a giant bowl of glow sticks.  My thirsty Thursday went throwback Thursday at that.  Super fun night.


Mad for Mama

I have business in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week so I was able arrive this weekend and visit my Mom and family.  It was wonderful.  My niece,4, and nephew, almost 2, are exquisite and so fun.  It was delightful to get together again only a couple months after the last visit.  But the real highlight was spending yesterday with my mom, the first Mother’s Day in 10 years!  Shameful but true.  I love her so much and was so glad we had such a nice day.    Here are some classics:

My mom was always and still is my hero and biggest supporter.   No matter what happens I am still her Little Lisa.