So not stranded per se, I am hardly the Donner party or the rugby team from Uruguay that crashed in the Andes Mountains or even Aron Ralston more like a victim of a surprise spring blizzard.  But nonetheless, I flew into Denver Tuesday night for a quick 22 hour work trip but by the time I get home it will have transformed into 56 hours.  That evening the weather was just as I would expect a Denver March evening.  I stayed downtown and had a delicious meal and a few drinks at the Nickel .  I returned back to my hotel room after 11:30, all was well no reason to suspect what was in store for Denver in the morning.  IMG_9819

Voila, the snow appeared in the morning,  I took a car to the clients location and it took an extra long time but considering how awful the freeway condition was that was a-okay.  It didn’t take long to realize that this storm had caught everyone by surprise by the atrocious road conditions.  In the background the pop station dj warned us not to drive as it was a whiteout.  Too late, duty called.  This lasted all day, fortunately, I landed in a pretty swish hotel just down the street from the clients where I worked, ate lunch and as I was about to head to the airport when I got the news my and all flights were cancelled.

So I booked for the earliest flight I could for today but the total chaos secured me only a 2:20 flight, hopeful I could get on an earlier flight I headed to the airport early however all flights were truly maxed.  Of course, it is now 7:30 pm because my 2:20 was cancelled and now I can’t get out till 10:15.  So here  I sit in the United Club working, blogging, drinking house red, and eating my 3rd plate of garlic hummus and bad pita.  The bright side is the snow in this beautiful landscape is hard to beat.  Other bright sides include not needing to resort to cannibalism or amputating my own arm.

Keep your fingers crossed that the 10:15 pm flight stays on schedule.




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