We did it!  We dropped some progress on this weekend.  Feeling all puffed up and proud.  The hallway is decidedly more masculine than many of the other art walls in our abode ( I blame J as he said I could do whatever I want).  One of my favorite things about J is his passion for, amongst other things, collected art, motorcyles, and vintage airplanes.

The idea was always to integrate these 2 subjects into a cohesive collection.  To achieve the organized gallery we bought the same frames size, style and color despite the art being different sizes.  The motorcycles we added simple pre-cut mattes and actually cut the TWA prints to fit the 12×16 glass.  The grid, spacing, similar color pallete, and matted affect is what makes this gallery wall feel pulled together, organized and cohesive.  Although I tend to be drawn to less formal gallery layouts with mix of frame colors and sizes (as with our living room, shown above) I realize there is too much of a good thing.  Thankful J has inherited some larger art. They  work   well alone on a larger wall but I really like this large piece at the end of the hall. That hall, the artery of our home , is the perfect place for a piece of art that makes an impact.

Once I chose the right wall.  The first thought was to put it on a less wide wall in the dining room laid out in 2 columns and 5 rows making a vertical statement however upon further thought the hall wall seemed the perfect spot.  I sketched, then laid out on the floor to make my final decision.  At that time J made a paper template, make marks on the wall and starting hammering about 20 minutes later it was complete.  The front end work is key [read:frustrating].  Measure twice cut once!   


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