Election Day: Go Vote

I have a lot of opinions and you have other ones but I think we can all agree that today no matter your stand or viewpoint you need to get out and vote!  It is your right as a an American citizen so please excerise it.  Plus you get this sticker, or one like it, and today it is cool to wear it like a badge of honor.


Colorful Thinking : A Flashback Post

Yesterday it was raining in Brooklyn, today it is raining in San Francisco and looks like it will not stop for days. Feeling a bit nostalgic, I was reading old posts from my original blog while I still a residential designer living in Long Beach.  I stumbled across this one about color and how much it can impact your space and mood.  Posting it below to brighten your thoughts on this dreary day.  Happy Friyay!  Go Cubs!

Original post: April 2009 (I still had a flip phone)

Title: A Question of Color

“Last night I was talking with a friend  about color and how it is such an unending and constant inspiration for me.  In fact, there are not too many color combos that would shock or disappoint me including one of my favorites pink, blue, and black  At that moment my friend reminded me his apartment (rented) is pink and blue.  We both laughed because technically his walls are blue and pink but they are hardly the dynamic shades I think of when imagining this powerhouse color combo.  Furthermore, I am convinced the sickly pink in his entry hallway was supposed to be tan or khaki, you know, a neutral but my friend, an artist, says no one would make that mistake.

I beg to differ, color is fickle it makes major transformations throughout the day depending on the time and the amount of natural light the room receives.  Another factor is your light bulbs, incandescent or flourescent,  this too changes the way a color reads.  You should also consider for moment whether you picked an actual khaki?  There are so many variations  of this color that it may have looked right in the store but when you get it home it’s too pink or taupe or green.  In an effort to combat this you could have paint custom made, many hardware stores offer this option, to match an item in the exact color you desire.

The not so great values of really great colors end up on walls all over America being despised for their blandness and tendencies toward gray or yellow causing disppointment to homeowners for not evoking the feelings or images that were intended.  Color can be scary but it can also be invigorating and calming and intense and soothing.  Color is a great way to express your passions or personality even in small doses.   For instance, a lacquered red end table in an otherwise  tone on tone room maybe the perfect daily reminder of that semester you spent in China.

I am always experimenting with color and while I can’t imagine ever running out of color combinations I can imagine for a homeowner it can be intimidating and overwhelming to find or settle on the right scheme.  A color consultation may be the perfect solution. Often this one time consult can provide clarity and direction in the way of color.  You, perhaps a red fanatic,  may find you are not ready for red walls but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some red pillows and red ottoman.  If you have questions finding the complimentary or contrasting color scheme to create harmony in your space you know where to find me.

I wish you a  great Easter Weekend!



Quick but awesome business trip.  Anytime I get to spend in NYC is good times.  It was a brisk but beautiful sunny afternoon so I took a walk to soak in the views on an afternoon break.

Gold Digging

Spent the weekend in Gold Country relaxing by the pool and sleeping in a yurt  in Colfax.  We took the long way home stopping for lunch in the quaintest of all gold mining towns I have experienced, Nevada City. The door above is the Nevada Theater in downtown.  

Stranded: A spring storm story

So not stranded per se, I am hardly the Donner party or the rugby team from Uruguay that crashed in the Andes Mountains or even Aron Ralston more like a victim of a surprise spring blizzard.  But nonetheless, I flew into Denver Tuesday night for a quick 22 hour work trip but by the time I get home it will have transformed into 56 hours.  That evening the weather was just as I would expect a Denver March evening.  I stayed downtown and had a delicious meal and a few drinks at the Nickel .  I returned back to my hotel room after 11:30, all was well no reason to suspect what was in store for Denver in the morning.  IMG_9819

Voila, the snow appeared in the morning,  I took a car to the clients location and it took an extra long time but considering how awful the freeway condition was that was a-okay.  It didn’t take long to realize that this storm had caught everyone by surprise by the atrocious road conditions.  In the background the pop station dj warned us not to drive as it was a whiteout.  Too late, duty called.  This lasted all day, fortunately, I landed in a pretty swish hotel just down the street from the clients where I worked, ate lunch and as I was about to head to the airport when I got the news my and all flights were cancelled.

So I booked for the earliest flight I could for today but the total chaos secured me only a 2:20 flight, hopeful I could get on an earlier flight I headed to the airport early however all flights were truly maxed.  Of course, it is now 7:30 pm because my 2:20 was cancelled and now I can’t get out till 10:15.  So here  I sit in the United Club working, blogging, drinking house red, and eating my 3rd plate of garlic hummus and bad pita.  The bright side is the snow in this beautiful landscape is hard to beat.  Other bright sides include not needing to resort to cannibalism or amputating my own arm.

Keep your fingers crossed that the 10:15 pm flight stays on schedule.



Hall Pass

We did it!  We dropped some progress on this weekend.  Feeling all puffed up and proud.  The hallway is decidedly more masculine than many of the other art walls in our abode ( I blame J as he said I could do whatever I want).  One of my favorite things about J is his passion for, amongst other things, collected art, motorcyles, and vintage airplanes.

The idea was always to integrate these 2 subjects into a cohesive collection.  To achieve the organized gallery we bought the same frames size, style and color despite the art being different sizes.  The motorcycles we added simple pre-cut mattes and actually cut the TWA prints to fit the 12×16 glass.  The grid, spacing, similar color pallete, and matted affect is what makes this gallery wall feel pulled together, organized and cohesive.  Although I tend to be drawn to less formal gallery layouts with mix of frame colors and sizes (as with our living room, shown above) I realize there is too much of a good thing.  Thankful J has inherited some larger art. They  work   well alone on a larger wall but I really like this large piece at the end of the hall. That hall, the artery of our home , is the perfect place for a piece of art that makes an impact.

Once I chose the right wall.  The first thought was to put it on a less wide wall in the dining room laid out in 2 columns and 5 rows making a vertical statement however upon further thought the hall wall seemed the perfect spot.  I sketched, then laid out on the floor to make my final decision.  At that time J made a paper template, make marks on the wall and starting hammering about 20 minutes later it was complete.  The front end work is key [read:frustrating].  Measure twice cut once!   

Girl in The City

I have a major case of Spring fever.  The major star is the sun today its presence is making everything it touches more vibrant and warm, the temps made it to the mid-70’s! It’s these days that make me feel happy to be alive and living in such a beautiful city.  It began this morning when I stepped out the door it was warm and my neighbors flowers ushered me into my day.  This afternoon, I decided to take a break and while I was only away from my desk for a half hour, it was glorious.  The trees are in bloom and while wandering around eating my soft serve I discovered a new outdoor beer garden, Fort Point Beer Co.  San Francisco was a great date today and it is safe today I am crushing hard.   Happy St. Patrick’s day all I am off to spend happy hour at the Fort Point beer garden.  IMG_9654IMG_9655IMG_9657IMG_9662IMG_9665

Sunday Summary

Not a very eventful weekend, the rain pretty much dampened our motivation to do much except watch movies, binge watch The Man in the High Castle, eat and, my least favorite weekend activity, work.

That said, The Big Short was simply great, the subject was wonderfully balanced with the right amount of levity and seriousness.  I am not ashamed to admit that  I got pretty emotional being transported back to that time when I was young residential interior designer living on her own in Southern California.  Those couple of years were very tenuous, but I digress. We have been meaning to begin watching The Man in the High Castle for months, I am so glad we waited because at least we still have some episodes left now rather than being done and waiting for more.    Have you watched it?  What did/do you think?

I hope you all have a great week ahead!  Stay dry!rainy day