Bitchin’ Bubbles

This weekend on a walk I encountered what can only be described as delightful.  I can’t tell you how happy these bubbles made me!  I need to find out where to get my own bubble machine.  Stay tuned!

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Happy Mother’s Day Momma

Momma and me! She is the best! I think the only time we ever had any conflict was in the few months after I moved 2500 hundred miles away from her. But we found our new groove quickly. Oh plus she might say I kinda stressed her out between ages 18-26 but I don’t know about that I was (am) pretty sure I knew what I was doing.

Tales from Lockdown

I hope you and yours are healthy. How are you doing? Have you found any fun pastimes or new hobbies? For my household, we were sure puzzles would be our new lifelong passion. Has your family revisited this hobby? Does it make you feel like a kid again too? Unfortunately, we are not quite the puzzle heroes we thought we would be. 


Here is our story:

Weeks ago, with the precision I usually employed for travel planning, we dove deep researching the perfect first puzzle. After careful consideration of puzzle qualities, subject matter, artfulness, difficulty, number of pieces, and lead time we landed on this beauty from Piecework.


Ahhh, the day it arrived, we were giddy with the excitement one usually saves for the start of a 2-week vacation. We immediately opened the box, dumped out all the pieces, sorted them by color, making sure they were right side up. That first day, we must have spent a full 7 hours piecing it together– the first 5 were a delight we had a ball. The next 2, we were getting tired and sore. Soon we realized how little differentiation there was among the reds, the blues, and the whites. Over the next days, our interest waned. Sure, there were bursts of energy creating progress (usually at happy hour), but at the core, we were not nearly as into it as we thought we would be. That realization hit hard, real hard, isn’t everyone not only doing puzzles but loving it. The inevitable shame spiral began.

That was nearly four weeks ago, and we have still yet to finish! Meanwhile, Instagram has seen a myriad of puzzles started and completed many in record time. I left to wonder where we went wrong; were we too ambitious? Could it be that fewer pieces would have set us up for success, giving us a devotion to this quarantine (and beyond) past time? Maybe we should have invested in a cardtable? The dismal ergonomics of working at our coffee table have sparked not joy but neck and back pain. Alas, we have gone from a labor of love to just labor. To our surprise, there is no pleasure in puzzling together swathes of a single color. Only the tedium of trial and error wishing the next piece tried will be the one that fits. Now my best hope is to finish; truth be told, I am ready to reclaim my coffee table.


I hope you are having more success with your quarantine past time. Feel free to share either your favorites or fails. Either way, I hope you have great days! I look forward to connecting soon.


Stay Safe!



Girls Weekend—Madonna Inn

With so many recent Nor-Cal transplants too few know the California lexicon for San Luis Obispo SLO or its famed Madonna Inn. It’s quite a shame really, on the other hand, we Californians may want to keep this gem a secret. An epic trip was had with a group of fantastic ladies -some I knew well before and a couple I know better now. Shenanigans, laughing until it hurt, pink robes and pool time bonded us. Just a few photos:

Looking forward to the next trip!

A Win For Women

Historic day for Illinois as Governor Pritzker signed into law a new abortion rights bill. Establishing the procedure as a “fundamental right” for women.

In a distressing time of many states restricting abortion, making it more difficult and in some locations effectively impossible to access abortions, Illinois’ new law puts trust in women. So very proud of my home state!

Color Watch -Ombré

Love this open cabinet in the showroom- striking a great mix of gradient rainbow color. Using both our beautiful marketing collateral and a bunch of perfectly collected colorful books to create a dynamic and interesting focal point.

Stop Doing This…​

Referring to women’s good jobs, including said women, as “big girl job.” I (we) am a professional woman with a career. I should not have to explain why this is offensive, minimizing women’s roles in society and the workplace so I won’t.